Budgeting Challenge: Meal Planning #5

I’ve taken the last couple of weeks off from budgeting. We had a lot of entertaining to do over Christmas, so that meant a lot of big purchases at the grocery store. Nothing says the holidays like a big, huge, in-your-face cook up for family and friends. Over the course of less than a week, we cooked up green bean casserole, red potato salad, bacon wrapped scallops, BBQ salmon, roasted potatoes, Hershey Kiss cookies, lamingtons, salad, and beef stew. That’s a lot of cooking! Our wallets were hit a little more than usual, but we managed with the money we’ve saved over the last month or so.

I also DIY’d a few gifts this year and decided that I need to do that more often for holidays and special occasions. Although they can be a lot more time-consuming, there’s something special about a homemade gift that shows more sincerity and thought that went into it.

So here we are in the first week of January, and I’m on a mission to be thrifty and save a bit more dough in 2013!


This week, we spent about $58 on groceries, just over our goal of $50 for the entire week. Our shopping was pushed a little over the threshold with our purchase of a $10 bottle of Riesling and a $2.99 box of parchment paper. *GASP* I know. Things can get so crazy in our household.

Here’s our load for the week:

  • Goods lasting 2 months or moreaverage cost ~$1 week
    • Beef buillon cubes:  $1.49
    • Whole wheat flour:  $2.99  [for bread]
    • Parchment paper:  $2.99
  • Goods lasting 1 month or more, average cost ~$3 week
    • Butter:  $4.69
    • 3 cans of soup:  $3.50 [used a $1.00 off coupon]
    • Eggs:  $1.89
    • Garlic:  $0.69
  • Goods lasting two weeks, average cost ~$11 a week
    • Egg Beaters:  $4.59
    • Bottle of Riesling:  $9.99
    • Block of cheese:  $4.89
    • Silk coffee creamer:  $1.24  [used a $0.75 off coupon]
  • Goods lasting one week, average cost ~$19 a week
    • Turkey deli meat:  $6.99
    • Milk: $3.69
    • 3 Greek yogurts: $2.85
    • 4 Apples:  $2.34
    • Bananas (3.63 lbs):  $2.50  [have I ever mentioned how much we looove bananas?]

That mean’s our weekly average for this shopping trip is about $34. Not bad!

Here’s what we plan on cooking for the week with our load and stuff already on hand:

  • Breakfasts
    • Omelet with mozzarella cheese
    • Turkey bacon
    • Toast with PB
    • Choc chip pancakes
    • Cereal with milk [for Rich only!]
  • Lunches
    • Turkey, cheese, & romaine sandwich
    • Soup
  • Dinners
    • Beef stew with quinoa
    • Oven fried chicken with stir fried onion, mushroom, corn, & peas
    • Honey Mustard chicken with stir fried onion, mushroom, corn, & peas
  • Snacks
    • Clementines
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Greek yogurt
    • Carrots and hummus
    • Mixed nuts

How were your holidays? What are some of your goals for 2013?

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