Motivation Monday

motivation monday 2013-01-07It’s been too long since I posted about running, exercise, or overall fitness. The honest truth is that the holidays took its toll and I became flat-out lazy. I haven’t exercised in a couple of weeks, and I can tell its effect just when walking up four flights of stairs on the way to my office. If you change nothing, nothing will change, so it’s time I took my own advice and got back to where I was before the holidays.

  • [ √ ] Monday:  EA Active workout | full body workout
  • [  ] Tuesday:  DOR
  • [ × ] Wednesday:  Run 2 miles | way too sore from Monday!
  • [ √ ] Thursday:  DOR
  • [ √ ] Friday:  Run 2 miles | run/walked 18 mins; elliptical 15 mins
  • [ √ ] Saturday:  Ski Day | skied
  • [ × ] Sunday:  EA Active workout | no exercise; errands and shopping instead

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