Tonto Tuesday

tonto tuesday 2013-03-26

Just me and my new buddy Jango people watching on Saturday


8 thoughts on “Tonto Tuesday

    • Did I ever tell you Tonto has an identical twin? (He’s actually a triplet but the other one is all white, no spots). He got adopted by another family and we don’t know where he is, but I smile when I think there’s another identical crooked-toothed Jack Russel mix maniac running around somewhere.

      • So what you are saying is that I should find this other dog and steal him instead of Tonto when I am ready to make my (theft) move?

      • What I’m saying is Yes, and I ‘ll come meet you in your secret location so that Tonto and his bro (The Lone Ranger – that was his real name. I’m not making it up) can have a playdate.

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