We Are Boston

The people of Boston look forward to Patriot’s Day, also known as Marathon Monday, every year. We are proud to host one of the world’s premier running events. It has been known as one of the biggest days of celebration in this city for the last 116 years. Old PRs are often broken; new PDRs are often set; but this year, Marathon Day will be remembered for another reason.

It’s tragic to think about the events that unfolded early yesterday afternoon. I was not there, since I was lucky enough to be working from the safety of my home seven miles outside of the city, but the impact of what happened yesterday can be felt as far as our second home in Australia.

I am appalled by reports that there were some runners who were upset that they DNF. I am disgusted that anyone would even have the nerve to place blame on anyone, but especially, on police and event crew that “didn’t do their jobs” by keeping everyone safe. This certainly isn’t a time to play the blame game. This isn’t a time to get angry. This isn’t even the time to ask why, because sometimes there are no answers when things like this happen.

This is simply a time to rally together, not just as a running community or as a city, but as human beings. I’m proud to be from Boston, and I’m honored to be able to call myself runner. But more importantly, I am proud to be part of a lot of good that’s still left in this world, which is something many of us lose sight of at times like these.

Boston is a resilient city. We are strong people. I have no doubt that, although we will be forever changed as a community, we will move forward and onward stronger. Together.boston

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