18 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

18 Weeks

Short on time this morning, so this is all I could muster up. Note to self: Windex the mirror!
[taken at 18w4d]

How far along? 18 weeks [and 4 days]!

Baby is the size of a … Bell pepper, or about 5.6inches long. We had our 18-week ultrasound this week and the doctor estimated Baby F weighs a whopping 8 ounces!

How has (s)he changed this week? Baby’s reproductive organs are fully formed and in place already. Craziness!

So far, I’ve gained … 17 pounds, two pounds for the last two weeks. Growing bub!

Sleep has been … Good, minus those pesky bathroom breaks

I feel … Tired. Too many late nights and early mornings. I need to get myself to bed earlier!

I miss … Not much today

Craving … Bacon + cookies… but not together!

Keep me away from … Nothing right now

Symptoms? Mild headache a couple of days a week, insane appetite and subsequent weight gain (obviously), stuffy nose

Gender? We had the opportunity to find out this week, but we passed! Baby’s going to surprise us.

Maternity clothes? I went on a major shopping spree at H&M and Old Navy for tops. I’m all stocked up for when I need them!

Movement? Baby F is quite the active guy/gal according to our ultrasound, but I haven’t felt it yet!

Exercise? Walking

Healthy eats? Salad, bananas (I have a taste for them again), and eggs

Splurges? Fig Newtons and sea salt caramel gelato… but not together! 😛

Wedding rings on or off? Still on.

My best moment was … Seeing our little peanut move around like crazzzyyy during our 18-week ultrasound and catching a glimpse of those little arms, legs, fingers + toes! Cheeky bugger was a little camera shy and was trying to escape but had no place to go. 😉

Looking forward to … Baby kicks!!


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