20 Weeks: Pregnancy Update – Halfway There!

20 weeks
[Taken at 20w3d]

How far along? 20 weeks [and 4 days]!

Baby is the size of a … Banana! Baby is about 10 inches from head to heel and weighs 10.5 ounces.

How has (s)he changed this week? He or she has developed taste buds already! They say that babies are more eager to eat foods that taste similar to what they’ve been exposed to in utero, so eating a good variety of foods now is more important than ever.

So far, I’ve gained … 21.5 pounds total, 4 lbs over the last two weeks. What?! Must be all that eating out and celebrating….

Sleep has been … Good overall, but I’m still not going to bed early enough!

I feel … Good, although I did feel a little ill on Tuesday at work. I ate some potato chips and the problem was solved. =)

I miss … A sandwich with cold deli meat piled on top!

Craving … Grilled cheese, fried rice, and a pound or two of bacon – none of which have been fulfilled (yet)

Keep me away from … Food with super strong odors!

Symptoms?  Itchy skin, occasional round ligament pain, and something’s been playing drums in my belly… =)

Gender? Boy! Or girl. Who knows? =)

Maternity clothes? I’m all stocked up but I haven’t been wearing much of it yet besides my black work pants.

Movement? Yes! Not consistent but sporadic throughout the day. Sometimes Baby is rolling around and other times he/she is playing drums on my bladder or guts.

Exercise? Just walking. Haven’t had much motivation to do my workout DVD.

Healthy eats? Ice cold fruit like pineapple and cantaloupe, salads, Naked green smoothie juice, and homemade bison burgers for dinner.

Splurges? Eat alllllll the chocolate!!!!

Wedding rings on or off?  On

My best moment was … Feeling lots more baby movement this week and celebrating Rich’s birthday!

Looking forward to … My massage on the 20th. I need it!!


2 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Pregnancy Update – Halfway There!

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww look at u 🙂 ur gettin the preggy glow 😀 *cuteness* sooo happy for u, am glad ur finally feeling the movements n enjoying em 🙂 wait till u start gettin stronger kicks, am a week behind u but i feel them at times that just gives me a jolt if am not ready for em hehehehe
    enjoy ur massage 🙂
    Love n hugs

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