[What I Ate Wednesday #37] Must Eat All The Chocolate

It’s funny what I can accomplish when I actually set my mind to something.. even if it’s kind of a half-arsed effort. I have loads of photos to share with you as part of this week’s weekly round-up of eats! Here’s the trend I noticed while compiling photos this week: I seem to do better with photoging in the beginning of the day, almost completely forget about it come dinner time, and miraculously remember again when it’s time for snacks or dessert [especially if chocolate is involved].

Having trouble following me? Let me show you what I mean…

[As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting!]


I’ve you’ve followed my WIAW posts in the past, you’d know I’m a creature of habit when it comes to the most important meal of the day: PB English muffin with a banana on top. However, I tried mixing things up this week and I liked what I, er, ate? I’ve been dabbling in a couple of different overnight oats recipes, so I decided to add it to my brekky rotation a couple of times a week.

This week, I noshed on my usual PB English muffin but with pineapple on the side, everything bagel with cream cheese and a few small slices of cheese, Quakers granola with almond milk, iced coffee (yummo!!) with light creamer and no sweetener, and peanut butter coconut overnight oats made with almond milk and a few choc chips thrown in. (Overnight oats recipe to come!)

I also threw in a bonus photo to the breakfast collage, if you can spot it. 😉 Someone does not like being disturbed during meal time.

WIAW #37 Breakfast Collage


Two photos… that’s all I could muster up this week: Rich’s Lobster BLT leftovers from Seaport Grille in Gloucester [photo was actually taken at dinner but we packed that baby up for my lunch] and a spinach salad with carrots, English cucumber, Craisins, goat cheese, Morningstar veggie patty, and Ken’s light Caesar dressing. I need to learn not to inhale my food at lunch time.

WIAW #37 Lunch Collage


It gets worse. Do you see the trend now? One single photo for dinner… Oooopsie-daisy.

I had the Meditteranean Salad topped with crab cakes from Seaport Grille, but was too full from dim sum lunch that I only ate about 1/5 of the salad and got the rest to go. Baby’s taking up precious real estate, which leaves less room for food!

WIAW #37 Dinner


Apparently if chocolate is involved, I will take a photo of it. I’m embarrassed (not really) to admit how much chocolate I ate this week. I blame part of it on Rich since he snuck in a lot of treats for me this week… Because, you know, saying no is just too difficult…

This week’s chocolate goodies: Panera’s chocolate chipper cookie, jumbo size Talenti sea salt caramel gelato from BJ’s (Trouuuuuuble with a capital T!), chocolate covered strawberry gifted at work, and a Ferrero Rocher. Random snack of the week: a single hard-boiled egg. If it was dipped in chocolate, I probably still would have eaten it.

WIAW #37 Snacks Collage

 ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Next week, I’m going to focus on DINNER! It might be the only way to get into the habit of happy-snapping my evening meals. 😉

What did you eat this week?


2 thoughts on “[What I Ate Wednesday #37] Must Eat All The Chocolate

  1. That salad look delicious and now thanks to you I’m craving crab cakes.
    The look on Tonto’s face is precious, it’s like “I’m eating, would mind leaving me alone”

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