27 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks and 5 days — only a couple more days left of the second trimester!

Baby is the size of a … Rutabaga, whatever that is… Baby is somewhere between 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and over 2 pounds at this stage.

How has (s)he changed this week? Baby’s brain stem, which controls vital functions such as heart rate and breathing, is almost fully developed.

So far, I’ve gained … 27.5 pounds total. I actually lost a pound this week. This is what happens when I lay off the cupcakes and practice disciplined eating habits when Rich is away. =)

Sleep has been … Interesting. Tonto woke me up at 2am on Wednesday to go to the toilet, which he never does unless he’s sick, and he wasn’t! Maybe he’s just getting me ready for mamahood… I’ve also been having the worst/weirdest dreams this week, including one that involved zombies last night. Had to think really hard about puppies in order to fall back asleep after that one!

I feel … Tired from running away from zombies, er, I  mean waking up from nightmares.

I miss … A cold sandwich from the deli!!

Craving …  Beef! A steak and cheese sub might be in my near future.

Keep me away from … Nada! Anything is fair game.

Symptoms?  Back pain, frequent bathroom breaks, mild leg cramps at night (I need to get walking more!), and holy heartburn on occasion — That’s a new one!

Gender? Boy! Or girl. Who knows!

Maternity clothes? Most clothes at this point except for a few pre-prego tops

Movement? It’s pretty constant at this point. =)

Exercise? Not much besides nightly stretching. No wonder I’m getting leg cramps.

Healthy eats? Pineapple, salad, bananas, yogurt, and overnight oats

Splurges? Blue Ribbon BBQ twice this week for lunch

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on

My best moment was … Resting my phone on my belly while I talk to Rich, and the baby kicks so hard that it moves the phone. =)

Looking forward to … Rich coming home and having the next week and a half together. Do I sound like a broken record? =P

5 thoughts on “27 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

  1. oo leg cramps are bad, i got one yesterday for the first time n ouch if i cud i’d jump outta bed it was soo sudden n painful. the cramp is now gone but my muscle still feels shaky 😦
    REally happy about the constant movements 🙂 did u get to see the baby move from above ur cloths yet? it happens suddenly n is such an amazing feeling hehe
    PS: u shudnt rest ur phone on belly. i read it sum where. either stand in front of the micro when its heating sumthing. stay clear of the radiation n electro vibes 🙂

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