29 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks and 5 days

Baby is the size of an … Acorn squash! Baby is somewhere between 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs around 2.5 to 3.8 pounds

How has (s)he changed this week? Baby is plumping up! He or she’s growing white fat deposits under the skin, giving him or her lots of energy.

So far, I’ve gained … 31 pounds total, up 4 pounds this week. Um, what?!

Sleep has been … Terrible. I’ve had terrible sciatica this week, which makes it really hard to sleep at night.

I feel … Tired, weak, and helpless. Damn sciatica. =(

I miss … Raw fish!

Craving …  Cheese Itz!

Keep me away from … Nothing at the moment

Symptoms?  Back pain, frequent bathroom breaks, sciatica, mild hearburn

Gender? Boy! Or girl. Who knows!

Maternity clothes? Most clothes at this point except for a few pre-prego tops

Movement? It’s pretty constant at this point. =)

Exercise? A little bit of stretching is pretty much all I can handle right now.

Healthy eats? Cantaloupe, honeydew, bananas, yogurt, and coconut water

Splurges? Cheese Nips… I actually haven’t been eating too bad this week, which is why I don’t understand the 4 pound gain!

Wedding rings on or off?  Sporting just the wedding band on the hot and humid days

My best moment was … Hearing baby’s heartbeat at my 29-week appointment!

Looking forward to … Some fun in the Florida sun and wading in the hotel pool. Hopefully it will help this pesky nerve pain.

2 thoughts on “29 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

  1. Eeeeeeeee sciatica is a bad one, really kills a persons performance. just try to take it easy. also plz b extra careful for stretch marks i was all good till last week n today i saw two tiny stretch marks in making one above my tummy n one on the side n i freaked out even though i have been moisturizing since day one. guess third trimester aint that easy after all 🙂

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