[WIAW #38] Tuesday is the New Wednesday

It’s been way too long since I’ve participated in WIAW, mostly because I haven’t been taking photos and I’ve just been plain old lazy. Excuses aside, let’s make this a quick one, shall we?

Here’s what I ate yesterday!

[As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting!]


I’m not afraid to admit that yesterday was a second breakfast kind of day. My appetite was ferocious! I started off my day with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (cereal craving strikes again!) and followed it up a couple of hours later with a peanut butter whole wheat English muffin topped with a banana!

WIAW #38 Breakfast


I don’t have a photo of lunch because I gobbled it up faster than you can say “I’m hungry!” My mid-day meal was homemade fried rice with mixed veggies, egg, chicken, and teriyaki beef. The recipe I use is similar to this quinoa fried “rice” but with real rice, obviously!


We definitely didn’t plan this, but the stars aligned perfectly because we had defrosted some Applegate Farms hot dogs for dinner on National Hot Dog Day. I gave into the advertisements and bought a pack of the “cleaner wiener” at BJ’s two weeks ago. Although they’re smaller and not quite as plump as your typical hot dog (like Kayem’s brand), they were definitely tastey and didn’t leave me with that blergh feeling! If you see Applegate brand hot dogs, give them a try. They come in all beef, beef and pork, and turkey!

WIAW #38 Dinner


Snacks were a balancing act. I was mid-way noshing through a tupperware box packed with strawberries when Rich sent me a text that said “You want some cake?” I thought it was a rhetorical question… As if he needs to even ask. You bet I washed down those strawberries with a side of marble cake!WIAW #38 Snacks

 ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Told you I would be a short re-cap. 🙂 Now tell me….

What did you eat this week?


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