My Get Fit Plan

f you followed me on my pregnancy journey, you probably know I struggled in the beginning with my weight gain. Although I knew it was complete normal and encouraged to gain weight while pregnant, I had a lot of trouble coping with it. During my third trimester, however, my insecurities became a thing of the past as I became more focused on the end goal: helping my little one grow big and strong!

Now that Madison is six weeks old, I thought it was a good time to come up with my get fit plan. Three weeks after giving birth, I stepped on the scale and was surprised to see that I had already lost 22 pounds of my 42+ weight gain. Holy water weight, Batman! Now it’s time to focus on losing some of that real baby weight, and here’s how I plan on reaching that goal:

  • Set mini goals: I’m not sure what my ultimate weight loss goal will be yet, but I’m focusing on losing 7 pounds right now, which is totally doable. When I reach that goal, I’ll re-assess and decide what my next one will be.
  • Get active: Cooler weather has finally hit New England, which means I’m only getting out and active about twice a week for walks with Madison. I can definitely do better and need to focus on finding other ways to get moving that don’t necessarily require heading outdoors. I think it’s time to dust off our Wii or start researching workout DVDs! [Suggestions welcome!] My main challenge with this bullet on my action plan is that Madison wants to be held all the time, so it’s hard to find even a half hour to myself.
  • Be mindful of what I eat: This is something that became routine to me before I got pregnant, but I fell off the wagon a bit during my pregnancy. With the help of Weight Watchers, which I’ve found success with before, I know I can get there again.

I used to be a pretty avid novice runner before my pregnancy, but I’m going to keep it in the reserves for a little bit longer. After having major surgery, I don’t think my body is quite up for that level of intensity yet but I know it will be some day soon. It’s all about baby steps!

Along the way, I’ll recap how things are going with my successes, challenges, and any tips I think will be helpful. I know I’m probably in for a bit of rude awakening as I try to find balance between my life as a new mom when I return to my full-time job in December, so I hope it will be helpful to share my experiences for anyone in the same boat. This blog is about living a healthy and happy lifestyle after all, and I hope to get back there again some day soon!

The happy part I’ve got done pat. The healthy part? Well, that’s always a work in progress!


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