{Giveaway} Hugs and Squeezes from Happy Family

I first stumbled upon the Happy Family brand over the summer, courtesy of a Super Toddler Bar in my Food With Love subscription box. The snack was supposed to be for children, but who gives a hoot who something is intended for if it tastes yummy! I decided to give their Happy Squeeze  and Happy Squeeze Greek Yogurt “grownup” snacks  a whirl and was not disappointed!

Happy Squeeze fruit and veggie pouches pack half a cup of fruit packed in each flavorful pouch. For those of you struggling to get in your fruits and veggies, Happy Squeeze is here to help! Of all the flavors I tried, my favorite was the Apple, Mango, Pear, and Kale Fruit & Veggie Twist; adding kale was a nice way of balancing out the sweetness from the rest of the fruits. The icing on the cake is that each pouch is less than 100 calories.


Happy Squeezes also come in a variety of Greek Yogurt flavors, such as strawberry and mixed berries (or razzleberry as Happy Family likes to call it.) These Greek Yogurt pouches are an easy way of getting in an extra serving of calcium and vitamin D.

But my favorite thing about these pouches, besides the obvious health factor, is how convenient they are. The fact that they’re squeezable means they’re portable, and I appreciate that more now that I’m a mom. I can just throw them in my purse and go. I have no excuses for not eating well with these on hand. I know that once Madison starts to eat solids, Happy Squeeze baby and toddler pouches will be a lifesaver.


Happy Family was generous enough to give me the opportunity to spread the love by hosting a giveaway! It’s super easy. All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below and a winner will be selected at random. You have multiple ways to enterThis giveaway starts today and ends in two weeks on Wednesday November 27th, so make sure you enter soon and make it count. =)

Enter for a Chance to Win a Happy Family Pouch Pack!

To find out more about Happy Family, you can check out their website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

And while you’re at it, why not check out all of my social media channels at the links on the top of the page too!

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17 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Hugs and Squeezes from Happy Family

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  3. I absolutely love happy family’s foods. Their pouches never dissapoint me or my 9 month old. Sometimes I can’t afford them, but I stock up when I can cause I know they are healthy and yummy. Thanks for this awesome chance to win….your very kind and good luck everyone.

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  6. We usually try different approaches… sometimes she won’t eat cooked kale but she loves it baked and crispy. If all else fails, we puree it in a smoothie or soup! We have used the happy baby pouches a few times, but I’d love to try the “grown-up” version. 🙂

  7. Love these pouches. Tried out my first online competition now because of you ;P
    It says i need to mention ho wi get my kids to eat their veggies. The newest way was Eggplant fries!!

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