Wednesday Weigh In – Week #2

This week was a good week. I forgot to mention in last week’s post that I decided to change my official weigh in day from Wednesday (which I used the last time around) to Sunday. Weekends are always my downfall, so weighing in on Sunday morning will keep me more accountable for what I eat on the weekends, particularly on Saturday when I tend to overindulge. (See last week’s post where I admitted to eating half a large pizza. At least it was thin crust? And it was delicious. I don’t regret any of it except for maybe that fourth slice.)

Well, weighing in on Sunday worked — last week anyway. I was more mindful of my eating on Saturday, knowing that I had to face the scale on Sunday. Although I did have a big lunch, I reeled it on for dinner and kept it light. My efforts weren’t in vain. I lost weight!

Wednesday Weigh In_cdah

Starting Weight: 136.8 pounds

Current Weight: 135.6 pounds

Current Week Loss: -1.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss: -1.2 pounds

Things That Went Well

  • Tracking: I tracked everything I ate all week, even if it was just one pita chip.
  • Balance: I focused on eating within my DPs on days I didn’t exercise.
  • Thinking before eating: I stayed mindful of what I was eating by asking myself, “Is it going to be worth it to eat ____? How am I going to feel after?”

Things I Could Have Done Better

  • Staying active: I only walked or exercised twice last week. I definitely could have done better.
  • Hydration: I could have drank more water.

I’m happy with how I did with my eating habits last week, and my stats show. I’m especially proud of myself because I didn’t overindulge at Thanksgiving lunch! I know that 1.2 pounds over two weeks isn’t a huge loss, but I’m aiming on losing the rest of the baby weight slowly and giving myself a year. There will be ups and downs (so to speak) but eventually I will get there.

One non-weight related thing I’m going to start doing (or attempt to anyway) is to unplug from electronics starting at 9pm. In this tech-driven world, we’re all a bit obsessed with being plugged in 24/7 that I feel like it affects our living, as well as our sleeping, habits. Once I return to work full-time and have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5 – 5:30am, I think unplugging an hour before I go to bed will help me fall asleep faster and sleep better. I’ll definitely be needing it since I’ll probably be face planting into my keyboard at work around 3pm.


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