Wednesday Weigh In – Week #8 and #9

Sorry for going MIA on you! Having made my official return to work in the new year, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and there’s no sign of it stopping. I’m still trying to get in the swing of my healthy routine while also balancing being a full-time working mom. It is hard, but I know I can do it. Eventually. For example, I was jonesin’ real hard for some carbs in the form of pizza in my face last night, and I satisfied it with some homemade hamburger pizza for dinner.

I also haven’t exercised in… Weeks. With my rise before sunrise wake time, long commute and 8-hour work day, I end up being out of the house and away from the bub about 11 hours a day and awake for 17 hours a day, so the last thing I want to do is sit down and write a blog post. I just want to shower, crawl into bed, and tap mindlessly on my iPhone for a little while to unwind before sleep. (There goes my unplugging routine.)

Wednesday Weigh In_cdah

I’m still losing weight, and I only have breastfeeding to thank for that. Muscles are basically non-existent on my body, unless you count my teeny tiny biceps from carrying a 12 pound weight in baby form around on the weekends and a couple of hours at night. A few bad choices and a lot of chocolate later, I gained a little bit of weight over the last couple of weeks  and I didn’t weight in last week, but I’m not letting it get me down. I did give myself a year to lose all the baby weight after all.

Here are my stats as of January 12:

Starting Weight: 136.8 pounds

Current Weight: 129.2 pounds

Current Week Loss/Gain: +0.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: -7.6 pounds

I’ll admit that I struggled with eating healthier the last couple of weeks, and I know that adjusting to returning to work is the reason. While I feel in control of my food intake at work, I’ve been going a little off the deep end when I go home and on the weekends. I’ve given myself one too many free passes. I’m also feeling a little under the weather with a cold right now, so that certainly isn’t helping much. I’m going to try and focus on being mindful for the next couple of days and drinking a lot of water until this cold passes. Let’s hope it passes soon!

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