Wednesday Weigh In – Week #12

Welp, maybe Rich should go away more often because I lost 2.2 pounds over the last two weeks. Of course, by more often, I mean never again.

Wednesday Weigh In_cdah

Starting Weight: 136.8 pounds

Current Weight: 125.6 pounds

Current Week Loss/Gain: -2.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: -11.2 pounds

I set my mind on getting another 5 pound star this week at my Weight Watchers meeting, and there was no doubt in my mind I could do it if I really worked for it. Sometimes I see my Daily Points allowance as a game, and I played that game well.

What Went Well

  • Tracking:  Counting Points has always worked for me. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
  • Hydration: I drank kind of a ridiculous amount of water and herbal tea this week, and it did wonders for my waistline.
  • Balance: I’m happy that I ate a serving of fruit or veggies with the majority of my meals and snacks. We have an organic fruit and veggie box delivered to us at home and since Rich was away this week, I had some extra food to play with.

What Could Have Gone Better

  • Exercise: At this point, fitness is a lost cause for me. It sounds like a dumb excuse, but I honestly don’t have the time or energy for it. With a 5:15 am wake up call, a 2.5+ daily round-trip commute, 3x daily pumping (not iron if you catch my drift) sessions, and nearly 9 hour work day, I find it hard to stay on my feet by the end of the night. I’d rather spend what little free time I have at the end of the day with my little peanut, and that’s where my priority is right now. I’m still nourishing my body with good, healthy foods most of the time so finding time to exercise is not very high on my priority list right now. It’s not like I’m eating a bunch of crap AND not exercising… which is justification enough for me.

This week, particularly this weekend, will be challenging for me. We have a busy social schedule over the next couple of weekends because we leave for Australia on March 1, so that means a lot of going out to eat and a bit of a hectic schedule. I tend to sway a bit more when dining out because we tend to dine well when we dine out (No Applebee’s or Olive Garden for this family) and that usually comes at a price, or should I say a pound, on the scale.

My game plan for this weekend is to plan when I can, pre-track if possible, and choose mindfully. It’s okay to indulge but in smaller portions. I’ll allow myself a few french fries but not the whole plate. Wish me luck, and I hope I have some good news next week!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In – Week #12

  1. I think you’re doing great. You can lose without exercising (which you’re proving). And your life will eventually allow room for movement again. I know you’ll get back to it, because you love it so much. I’m glad you’re not letting it stress you out or get you down that it’s not a priority right now! xoxo

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