Wednesday Weigh In #13 and 14

This past Sunday was my last weigh-in before traveling overseas for three weeks. I ended February on a good note having lost 0.6 pounds over the last two weeks. Although it wasn’t as big of a loss as in weeks past, I was still somewhat surprised to see a loss. I didn’t eat very well over President’s Day weekend and found myself feeling bloated for most of the week after. I just hope I can maintain the weight loss while we’re back in Australia visiting family and if I lose weight — well, heyyy that’s even better!

Wednesday Weigh In_cdah

Starting Weight: 136.8 pounds

Current Weight: 125.0 pounds

Current Week Loss/Gain: -0.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss: -11.8 pounds

I’m now officially five pounds away from my goal weight and 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. At my lowest, I was 112 pounds but I’m not so sure I have the desire to be at that weight again. It just isn’t a realistic weight for me to maintain at this juncture in my life, seeing how I weighed that little when I was working out six days a week at high intensity while training for my triathlon. My, how my priorities have changed in less than two years!

On Saturday, we start our long journey back to Melbourne for a three week break from the snow, below freezing temps, and the winter blues! Hopefully by the time we get back, spring will have sprung. (Wishful thinking on my part.) I’ll have more free time while we’re there to catch up on blogging, so I hope to have a few more recipes posted or at least prepped by the end of March. I’m pumped to have some warm weather so that we can finally get out on some family walks again!

Figures that the first time we take the little one on a plane, we decide to make it a 34hour journey. Go big or go home, right? If all goes well, I’ll also have some tips on surviving long distance flights with a newborn. And if all doesn’t go well… well, you may want to check in with me at the insane asylum.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In #13 and 14

  1. Congrats!

    Thinking about traveling to Australia this fall.. (It might be my choice for vacation this year!) If I can swing it, we would probably only have 2 weeks to spend. Would that be enough time for a first, basic trip? I know we couldn’t see many parts of Australia, but this would be my chance! My husband’s excuse for not wanting to go is the long flight. But if we can get enough miles in the next couple of months, he can’t complain about the flight expense either! Thoughts!

    Enjoy the time with your family and showing off your wee one!

    • Although three weeks is the perfect amount of time to spend in Australia, two weeks is doable as long as you don’t mind being crazy busy all day every day. You would need a vacation after your vacation. 🙂 Keep in mind that you essentially lose 2-3 days due to travel days and time changes.

      The flight is long; there’s no way around that. You could do a stop over the Pacific Islands somewhere to break up the trip, but obviously that takes away from your time in Australia…

      Why don’t you email me at cutedogsandhugs [at] gmail [dot] com and we can chat a bit more offline. Send me your must sees / dos and nice to sees / dos, etc. I already have some ideas running in my head.

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