[WIAW #41] Aussie Eats: Part 1

Holy crap! I knew it had been a while since I last wrote a What I Ate Wednesday post but I didn’t realize that the last time was in early September. That’s more than five freakin’ months! And before Madison was born! I am seriously off my game with this silly blogging thing…

Time to set things right with a little recap of what I’ve been eating during our first week Down Under!

(1) Sausage sanga with avocado and mixed greens salad and a side of beetroot and cheddar cheese, (2) stone fruit [summer in Australia means they’re plentiful at this time of year!], (3) Arnott’s Mint Slices, (4) chicken schnitzel on whole grain with a mixed greens and sprouts salad

WIAW41_1(5) BBQ Veggie Chips, (6) crumpets with honey and peanut butter, (7) a variety of sushi hand rolls [cheap as chips!], (8) flat white, (9) homemade strawberry jam received as wedding favors on morning whole grain toast


Although I normally wouldn’t indulge in food this much, it’s been over two years since our last visit so I’ve been going a bit overboard on tasting my favorites. I had seriously forgotten how ridiculously cheap it was to get sushi here compared to back in America. We bought eleven different hand rolls for $20 to feed four of us. Twenty freakin’ dollars for four full bellies! Unreal.

It’s been fun enjoying the foods I’ve missed, but I’m definitely not looking forward to stepping on that scale again once I get home. For now, I’m going to continue to enjoy it because I know I’ll have to work hard to undo the damage once I get home.

Now tell me…

When you travel, do you tend to indulge in the foods you love and deal with the repercussions later or do you stay on point and enjoy a treat once in awhile?


2 thoughts on “[WIAW #41] Aussie Eats: Part 1

  1. When traveling, I eat what I want! Not to the point of making myself sick, but the food is part of the experience, so I don’t try to overdo the “clean eating” thing… then again, I don’t do that in general, either! 🙂

    Great pics/recap. Glad you had fun!

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