[WIAW #42] Aussie Eats, Part 2

We leave to head back to Boston on Saturday morning, so you better believe we’re making the most of our meals to make sure get in more of our favorites before we go. Here’s a little sampling of our eats this week!

(1) I had a club sandwich with gherkin and chips for lunch while catching up with friends at the Melbourne Zoo. |  (2) I’ve been drinking boatloads of herbal tea on the daily over the last couple of weeks. When in Rome…  |  (3) I also had my first beer in over a year since before being pregnant!  |  (4) Mini Oreo cheesecakes were on the menu for a family get over last weekend. They were just as delicious this time around.  |  (5) Rice crackers are all the rage over here, so I paired them with baby spinach, cashew, and parmesan dip a few times this week. I’m adding this dip to my list of foods to recreate at home!


(6) More rice crackers for snacks but paired with plain hummus. Yummy!  |  (7) Rather than spend $5.50 at Gloria Jeans, we decided to recreate the infamous Tim Tam milkshake at home. Way cheaper and much healthier!  |  (8) I was on my own for lunch one day this week, so I had a ham & cheese sandwich with a side of coleslaw.  |  (9) Although I wasn’t a big fan of cereal in the past, I developed cravings for it while I was pregnant and they never went away in my postpartum days.  |  (10) I had my first taste of sticky date pudding and holy yum am I glad I tried it!! So tasty. Luckily baking isn’t my thing, so I can’t make this every weekend!


(11) Nando’s is by far my favorite chain here in Australia, so of course I had to have my go-to Nando’s favorite: chicken tender wrap with a side salad and I also noshed on Rich’s side serve of chips with peri-peri salt. Nommmm!

WIAW42_3That’s all I have for you this week. This time next week, we’ll hopefully be back to our normal healthy eating habits. I wish I could say the same for our sleeping patterns!

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