[What I Ate Wednesday #43] Time Traveling

For the better part of a decade, I’ve done a fair bit of time traveling. Now before you jump to any conclusions and call me crazy, I don’t actually think I jumped into a time machine… It only comes with the territory of flying to Australia every year or two for the last eight years. Leaving Australia at 10am on a Saturday and arriving in Los Angeles as 6am on Saturday sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it? (Humor me.) Well let me tell you what isn’t quite as cool: crossing the international date line with a baby. Holy jet lag, Batman. I am tired! My now 6-month old has reverted back to the sleeping and eating habits of her 3-week old self, and I’m eating like I’m 30 weeks pregnant again. Must eat allll the food at 2 in the morning. Speaking of food, let’s talk about what you came here for: my Monday eats! If you’re not quite sure what’s the deal with all these shenanigans, go take a stroll on over to Peas and Crayons to find out what this WIAW party is all about. [Breakfast #1] The first meal of the day consisted of scrambled egg substitutes with mozzarella and hot sauce and an unpictured naner! [Snack #1]  My morning snack was a handful of chips and a healthy serving of salsa. Not your typical morning snack, but I’m not ashamed! [Breakfast #2] Second breakfast was an english muffin with crunch peanut butter on one half and Nutella on the other. I haven’t had second breakfast since I was preggo but this silly jet lag has my body all sorts of confused! WIAW43_1 [Lunch] My mid-day meal was a can of Campbell’s Italian wedding soup. I was trying to limit my salt intake to get rid of some of this bloat from vacation, but we were running a little low on lunch foods so I had to make do with what I had! [Snack #2] My second snack of the day was a bag of honey dijon chips. My low salt intake goal for the day went straight out the window after that! [Dinner] My last meal of the day was a simple and easy chicken stir fry we whipped up using my homemade teriyaki sauce recipe. We washed that down with a Healthy Choice fudge bar after dinner! WIAW43_2   It feels so good to be back into relatively healthier eating habits. Sure I had a few slip ups this week, but who doesn’t make a mistake every now and again! On that note, my next meal of the day and a rolling baby awaits me off the internets!

Now tell me…

What was your favorite thing that you ate this week?

Mine was definitely our last family dinner last Friday in Australia. It may have just been take-out, but it’s the company you keep that counts!

6 thoughts on “[What I Ate Wednesday #43] Time Traveling

  1. I always find myself wanting to eat a ridiculous amount when traveling back to the States from Kuwait. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time difference, but my body is usually starving when were about 2 hours out from our destination.

    Glad your finally getting back into the swing of things 🙂

    • Time change definitely has something to do with it! The fact that we eat more while away makes it a little harder to get back to “normal” portions and habits when we’re back too!

  2. wow I am so jealous of your trip! I have always wanted to go there! And honey dijon chips sound so good! I used to live off of those honey mustard pretzels!

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