Friday’s Focus On: “Love Will Find A Way” Wall Art {DIY}

I don’t know if I’m nesting or what, but I’ve gone a little mad with bookmarking DIY projects on Pinterest: crafts, cleaning projects, organization — you name it, I’ve pinned it. I’m not a crafty person at all, but lately I’ve really felt the need to re-decorate our home with some homemade art.

I was inspired by this piece I saw on Pinterest and knew I could do it myself using all my scrapbooking materials that have been sitting in the closet for years. That would also mean I could skip the $110 price tag and complete this project for just a few bucks!

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Friday’s Focus On: Things We Buy

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I was inspired by a fellow Weight Watcher to write a blog post about things that are always on my shopping list. There are certain staples that Rich and I live on and, while we may not buy all of them every single week, they are always in our house.

The key to weight loss success and, more importantly, maintaining it is having options, a variety of them, and making them 90% healthy and 10% “unhealthy” (or 80% / 20%).You’re just not going to want to stick to a healthy lifestyle if you’re bored with the same old thing, day in and day out. That applies for food, exercise, whatever. It’s as simple as that. Continue reading

Friday’s Focus On: JP Morgan Corporate Challenge {Race Recap}

On Thursday July 12, Rich and I ran the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Boston, MA. The Corporate Challenge is a 3.5 mile race held in Boston (and other cities across the globe) for the last 29 years, and this year was their 18th consecutive sell-out. The purpose of the event is to promote health and fitness in the workplace, foster goodwill and camaraderie, and show commitment to the community. Portions of the proceeds are also donated to a local not-for-profit organization in each host city. How’s the for philanthropy? (Forget about all that other bad stuff you hear in the news for a moment.)

The Corporate Challenge is a big event. Well, bigger than big… Huge. And they shut down Boston Common, Tremont Street, and Beacon Street all the way down to Fenway Park for this event. It’s kind of a big deal. And it’s also probably a good day to not drive into the city for work. Continue reading