Juneathon – Day 30

The last and final day of Juneathon…. Hooray!  I did it!

It was a busy Saturday for us – dropping our bikes off at the shop for a good tune-up then a wedding at night – but we did make the time for a run as part of our triathlon training.  Our schedule called for a 20-minute run, so we walked to the gym to warm up and ran for the alloted time.  I managed about 2 miles in that time which I was quite proud of.  I ran an averag 5.8 the majority of the time, but the last 5 minutes I decided to do some sprints between 6.5 and 7.5 mph.

It was a good run and a good way to wrap up the Juneathon challenge.  So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to not do some blogging.

Juneathon – Day 29

To make up for yesterday’s missed day of training, I did two sets of my basic kettlebell workout while watching True Blood.  Still no pool, so I did weights instead.  I broke a sweat and it felt good, but it definitely did not make up the amount of food I ate today.  My belly hurts and I am spent.  Good night!

Juneathon – Day 28

Not a single bit of exercise was done on Day 28… We spent the night celebrating at our friend Janine and Josh’s rehearsal dinner, so unless you count drinking wine and eating decadent food as exercise, fitness was not a factor in my day yesterday.  Sometimes you just really don’t have the time!