Things That Don’t Exist

  • My abs (and muscles in general)
  • My endurance
  • My lung capacity

This is what I learned tonight after doing my first real postpartum workout, excluding walks. Let’s hope I can still move tomorrow… or at least enough to carry Maddie around from place to place.

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

It’s been too long since I posted about running, exercise, or overall fitness. The honest truth is that the holidays took its toll and I became flat-out lazy. I haven’t exercised in a couple of weeks, and I can tell … Continue reading

Tri Training: Week 4 Results and Week 5 Plan

My fourth week of training went well.  It wasn’t that different or much more mileage  than the prior three weeks, but there was definitely one major difference.  We finally got swimming!  Yes, we finally got our rears to the local pool and signed up for a family plan for the year, and the best part?  It only cost $135 for an entire year!  That’s an amazing bargain, so even when training is over, we’ll still be able to go to the pool for a swim.

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